Etiquette requirements when taking an elevator

Abstract:1. Safety first, do not crowd when the elevator door is […]
1. Safety first, do not crowd when the elevator door is open, enter the elevator in order, do not forcefully squeeze into the elevator, so as not to cause the elevator to be overloaded. Take responsibility for the safety of yourself and others. Don't panic if you encounter a malfunction due to a pause in the middle, keep calm and wait for rescue. Second, pay attention to the order of first-come, first-arrival. Even if you use the same elevator with people you don’t know, you should be courteous to others, take the elevator with people you don’t know, and when you come out, you should go out from the outside in sequence, don’t crowd and push shove others. When taking the elevator with acquaintances, especially when taking the elevator with the elderly, ladies, and guests, it should be determined according to the type of elevator, and then come out; first enter to control the elevator, and then exit is also to control the elevator. etiquette. (1) When you come to the elevator hall with the guests or the older generation: first press the call button of the passenger elevator manufacturer. When the car arrives and the hall door is opened: If there are more than one guest, you can walk into the elevator first, press the "open door" button with one hand, press the side door of the elevator with the other hand, politely say "please come in", and ask others to exit the elevator first. (2) After entering the elevator: You can ask the target floor that others want, and help others to press the floor of the elevator. If there are other people entering the elevator, you can automatically ask which floor to go to and help you press it. For Passenger elevator people you know, you can have the necessary greetings. (3) Arriving at the intended floor: Press and hold the "Open Door" button with one hand, and make a request to go out with the other hand, so as to say: "Arrived, please go first!". After the guests get out of the elevator, they immediately step out of the elevator and guide the direction of the trek enthusiastically. With the significant increase in the frequency of elevator use, elevator trapping accidents frequently occur. Therefore, if passengers are accidentally trapped in an elevator, do the following: 1. Stay calm, don't be nervous, and comfort those who are trapped together. Because there is usually a safety anti-fall device at the bottom of the elevator, the elevator will not fall. In the event of a power outage, the safety equipment of the passenger elevator manufacturer will not fail, so the elevator will not slide out of the elevator slot. 2. Immediately use the alarm bell or walkie-talkie to ask for help. In the case of no help, the safest way is to remain calm, retain physical strength, and wait for rescue. In the narrow and hot elevator, many passengers are worried that they will cause suffocation. Please rest assured. At that time, the new national standards for elevators had strict rules, and they must achieve the effect of ventilation before they can be put on the market. In addition, the elevator has many moving parts, such as some joints, such as the joint between the car wall and the car roof, there are gaps, which are usually enough for people's breathing. Passenger elevator 3. If there is no alarm bell or walkie-talkie, you can knock on the door and call for help. Assuming your alarm didn't draw the attention of the officer on duty, or perhaps the call button failed, it's best to use your mobile phone to call the police for help. At that time, many elevators were equipped with mobile phone transmitters, which could make calls in the elevator normally. 4. Some trapped people will try to open the passenger elevator from the inside. This is absolutely not allowed. This is a self-rescue method that fire officers and soldiers strongly resist. Because when the elevator is faulty, the circuit of the door sometimes fails, and the elevator may start abnormally. Assuming that it is very dangerous to force the door, it will simply cause personal injury. In addition, the trapped people blindly open the elevator door because they do not know the floor orientation when the elevator is out of service, and there is a danger of falling into the elevator shaft

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