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Abstract:Evaluation of energy-saving elevator registered, you ca […]

Evaluation of energy-saving elevator registered, you can use a five-tier system similar to household appliances, or AAA, AA, A, B, C five-tier system. The AC two-speed elevator if C-level, then the worm VVVF elevator for B-class, permanent magnet synchronous engine power is smaller than the worm host, so the use of a permanent magnet synchronous host VVVF elevator can be included in A level.

To get the AA level of the elevator, you have to be able to save more energy than the elevator permanent magnet synchronous motor.

To obtain the AAA-level elevator product the world’s most advanced energy-saving technologies and applications.

According to the above situation and the actual use of the elevator, we propose the following energy-saving elevator grading fixed target reference

AAA: permanent magnet synchronous host, VVVF control technology, power generation utilizing the elevator reaches 30-35%, no direct impact on the grid. Such elevators energy-saving effect, no impact on the power grid, is mature third-generation energy-saving elevator.

AA: permanent magnet synchronous host, VVVF control, can use the elevator power generation, such as energy feedback, but feedback must meet the national energy grid network conditions, with the power to lift a sine wave rectifier and energy in the stabilization process technology rather than harmful to the power grid Shock. The feedback utilization rate of 20-25% of energy, such elevators into the third generation of energy-saving elevator lines in, but the barriers to entry belongs to the third category of energy-saving elevator.

A: permanent magnet synchronous host, VVVF control, such elevators large scale applications have been nearly a decade, while sales are increasing year by year, market share increased each year, consumption outside the province, but also protection of the environment than the worm Elevator good, it is now mainstream products, but also will continue to increase market share. This class is the second generation of energy-saving elevator lift.

B: worm host, VVVF control, such elevator motor power is relatively large, but more than a two-speed exchange of energy conservation, energy efficiency is the first generation of elevator technology but is being gradually reduced production. Continue to sell on the market, before the elevator mainstream products.

BC: AC two-speed control, worm lift the host, PLC or older control, such elevators are mainly old elevators and freight elevators.

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