Elevator Maintenance Tips

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Elevator Maintenance Tips
Elevator maintenance refers to checking, refueling, removing dust, and debugging safety devices on running elevator components on a regular basis. Including non-destructive testing and lubrication maintenance of elevator traction wire ropes.

1. The elevator is composed of two parts, mechanical and electrical. If the elevator is not maintained on a daily basis, the safety of the elevator will not be guaranteed. If the elevator does not refuel when it needs to be refueled, it will cause wear and damage to the mechanical parts of the elevator, greatly shorten the service life of the elevator, and make it impossible to use the elevator normally. .
2. During the use of elevators, some elevator users find temporary workers or unqualified companies to do elevator maintenance in order to reduce costs and save money. Once there is a safety problem, even the responsible unit cannot be found. If the maintenance is performed by an elevator manufacturer or a qualified professional company, on the one hand, the maintenance technology and quality are guaranteed, and on the other hand, if there is a problem, someone will be responsible.

mechanical part
1. The traction machine of the elevator needs oil lubrication. There are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. Open the oil nozzle to check that the oil should be in the middle of the two scales. If the oil is lower than the scale below, it means that the traction machine should be refueled. If not, the elevator will run for a long time. It will not be well lubricated, resulting in the burning of the elevator traction machine and the motor. After the elevator has been running for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time to keep the traction machine clean and well lubricated.
2. Cleaning and lubrication of elevator car guide shoes. As we all know, the guide shoe runs on the guide rail, and there is an oil cup on the guide shoe. In order to prevent the elevator from producing friction noise during operation, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cup and clean the guide shoe, and clean the car.
3. Maintenance of elevator hall doors and car doors. Elevator failures are generally on the elevator hall door and car door, so attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hall door and car door. First, refuel at the place where the oil should be refueled on the upper sill of the door, keep it well lubricated, and the elevator will not make unpleasant sounds during operation and when the door is opened. Pay attention to the inspection of the elevator's safety touch panel or light curtain type touch panel switch wire, because the frequency of door opening and closing of the elevator is high, which will damage the switch wire, which requires maintenance personnel to check in each work. The replacement should be replaced in advance, and do not let users doubt the quality of the elevator products due to door problems.

electrical components
The electrical components are roughly divided into control panels, electrical switches of various safety circuits, etc. It is the brain of the elevator and the central nervous system of the elevator. The starting, running and door opening and closing of the elevator are all dominated by it, so it must be in the daily maintenance work. Treat it as a top priority. It is best not to short-circuit the elevator circuit in the control panel during work. When the elevator door system fails, someone short-circuits the elevator door for the sake of convenience in order to find the fault. This is very dangerous, and short-circuiting the door has the most accidents. why? If a person opens the hall door and stretches his head inward, the elevator just goes up or down to this place, and the elevator cannot stop when the hall door is shorted, so an accident is very likely to occur. Therefore, we must not short-circuit the safety circuit in our daily maintenance work. If we must short-circuit, we must find out which safety component has a problem, which safety component needs to be short-circuited, and repair it or repair it urgently. After that, be sure to remove the short wire in time.

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