Elevator failure does not mean poor elevator quality

Abstract:Common mistakes Misunderstanding 1: Elevator failure eq […]

Common mistakes

Misunderstanding 1: Elevator failure equals poor elevator quality

After more than 100 years of development, the elevator's components, structure and control system have been quite perfect. Therefore, on the whole, elevators are electromechanical equipment with a high usage rate and strong safety in various modern transportation vehicles. Elevators are mechatronics products with numerous parts and safety protection devices. Failures are objective. The key lies in daily maintenance and timely repairs after failures are discovered. Inadequate management, inadequate maintenance, and rough use of elevator use management units are the main reasons for elevator failures. Only when all parties take their respective responsibilities can effectively reduce or reduce the occurrence of elevator failures.

Misunderstanding 2: The elevator accident is the elevator accident

Sudden stop of the elevator during the operation of the elevator is actually a protective measure for passengers. When the safety detection system of the elevator detects abnormalities or failures in the elevator during operation, it will automatically make a normal response to protect passengers. , The passengers are safely "closed" in the car. Passengers who are locked in the elevator, the car is effectively ventilated and safe at this time, just press the emergency alarm button or dial the rescue call, and wait patiently for rescue.

Misunderstanding 3: The daily maintenance of elevators is optional

Xu Zhiqi made an apt analogy of why elevator maintenance is necessary: ​​"Elevators are constantly running every day like cars. In terms of frequency of use, elevators are used 24 hours a day and are used more frequently. Therefore, Elevators require daily maintenance and maintenance more than cars." In order to ensure the good running quality of elevators and extend the service life of elevators, elevator maintenance personnel should carry out elevator maintenance in strict accordance with the content, items and cycles required by relevant laws and regulations, safety technical specifications and standards. Guarantee work. When an elevator failure or safety hazard is found, it should be reported to the elevator management unit, and the elevator fault should be repaired in time to eliminate the hidden elevator safety accident.

Misunderstanding 4: When passengers are trapped in the elevator, because of the limited oxygen in the elevator, being trapped for a long time will cause suffocation

There is no shortage of TV dramas or films that will show some bridge sections that "cause suffocation when passengers are trapped in the elevator for a long time". In fact, the elevator car is not a closed space, it is connected to the outside world, and the country has express regulations on the size of the vent Therefore, there is no danger of suffocation for passengers trapped in the elevator car for a long time.

Misunderstanding 5: The elevator will not malfunction after daily maintenance and annual inspection

At present, some citizens have irrational perceptions of elevator failures, believing that the elevator will not fail after annual inspection and maintenance. Elevators are mechatronics products with numerous parts and safety protection devices, and failures are objective. Elevator management units must strengthen the daily management of elevators and discover hidden dangers in time; elevator maintenance units must carry out elevator maintenance in strict accordance with safety technical specifications; passengers must take the elevators in a civilized manner and standardize operations.

Misunderstanding 6: Falling or free fall will occur if the elevator wire rope is broken

In fact, elevator wire ropes are not as fragile as people think. Generally, elevator wire ropes have at least three, and some even have eight. Theoretically, the strength of a wire rope can meet the required load-bearing pull of the car, and the probability of all the wire ropes being broken is very small. Even if the wire ropes are all broken, the elevator has multiple complete protection devices such as brakes, upper and lower limit deceleration switches, overspeed safety gears, and bottom buffers, so it will not fall suddenly.

When a fault occurs, if the elevator is just in the process of starting acceleration or deceleration, there will be a certain error between the actual position and the digital display floor. After the elevator self-protection stops, the floor display will automatically switch to the actual position. At this time, the passengers had the illusion that the elevator suddenly dropped several floors. Therefore, people mistakenly think that it is the elevator "sliding" or "slide", but it is actually one of the elevator safety protection mechanisms.

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