Common skills of elevator maintenance

Abstract:In daily life, many things can happen anytime and anywh […]

In daily life, many things can happen anytime and anywhere. Speaking of elevators, when the elevator suddenly breaks down and needs to be maintained and protected, it is necessary to calmly analyze, inspect and carefully eliminate the fault according to some principles and methods. Do not repair blindly, so as not to expand the elevator repair failure.

First, keep quiet before moving
1. Generally speaking, the elevator stops first and then moves. First, look at the phenomenon of elevator failure. Don't miss anything. This is helpful to quickly determine the elevator point. This scene is very important.
2. Calm down before leaving the elevator. First of all, check the related problems of the circuit, check the main board, and check whether the contactor has obvious signs of damage to prevent problems after the elevator is powered on.

Second: first outside and then inside
1. First check the elevator from the outside, fully understand the failure phenomenon of the elevator, and then carry out the necessary internal inspection according to the specific situation.
2: Check the mechanical parts of the elevator, such as wire ropes, tractors, brakes, etc. Then remove the required components to avoid removing a large number of items.

Three: Peripherals before the host
In other words, during maintenance, power supplies, fuses, etc. You must first check the fault in the control cabinet, and then determine the cause of the fault. The simplest and most effective method is to compare the replacement methods and find a good replacement part for the elevator. be careful.

Four: simple first, difficult
Sometimes, elevator malfunctions are really confusing, which makes you feel very uneasy. At this time, you should clean up simple problems first, and then solve them without a clue. Maybe you have a simple problem, then the difficulty will disappear. Sometimes it is especially effective and helpful for you.

Five: flexible thinking
When replacing parts or performing inspections, you must wake up and pay attention to safety to prevent the expansion of the scope of elevator failure, and sometimes accidentally, even causing elevator maintenance problems.
Elevator repair is the most dangerous industry in the elevator industry, so you must learn more about these methods in order to pay more attention to your own safety.
Elevator maintenance is very skillful in many aspects. Sometimes after using the skill, it will make you a lot more convenient.

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