Common sense of elevator decoration

Abstract:Related knowledge of elevator decoration, materials are […]

Related knowledge of elevator decoration, materials are mainly divided into metal, wood, glass, man-made materials.

Metal material: mainly stainless steel plate, used for car wall, car door, hall door, and door frame decoration. According to the degree of luxury, there are hairline plates, mirror plates, mirror etching plates, titanium plates, gold-plated plates, etc.

Wood materials: mainly used for decoration of car walls, ceiling frames and floors. There are many types of wooden materials used in car wall decoration, such as red beech, white beech, birdeye, black walnut and even mahogany. It is suitable for places with high decoration requirements such as star hotels. The wooden materials used for the ceiling should be coordinated with those used for the car. The floor is wooden floor. The wooden material used in car decoration requires fire protection treatment and meets fire protection acceptance standards.

Glass: including glass and mirror, used for car wall decoration. If you use mirror stainless steel, you don't need a mirror.

Man-made materials: mainly refers to man-made materials such as light-transmitting panels and light-transmitting pillars used for ceilings. The ceiling is also divided into many grades to match different car decorations. There are also more artificial materials used for car handrails. Of course there are also metal and wood materials.

Area measurement problem: the user uses the inner dimensions of the elevator car, width, depth, and height; the dimensions of the door frame, width, and height. If the car is not a regular rectangle, draw a picture, and measure the corners accurately. Door decoration should measure the width and height of the door leaf. With these sizes, the factory can process the corresponding products.

As for the quotation: generally according to user requirements, itemized quotations, such as how much is the car and how much is the door. Each company that produces decoration has its own price positioning. If you are an agent, you can add your own profit.
Another thing to note: The balance coefficient of the elevator will be changed after the elevator is decorated. If the user purchases a new elevator, he should estimate the weight of the decoration and inform the elevator manufacturer in advance. If you are using an elevator to decorate, it needs to be adjusted by elevator commissioning personnel.


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