What to do when trapped in passenger elevator?


What to do when a passenger is trapped in an passenger […]

What to do when a passenger is trapped in an passenger elevator?

When a passenger is trapped in the car due to a power failure, safety device action, or malfunction, the passenger should remain calm and comfort the trapped person. Press the yellow button with an alarm bell or the intercom button for help, or call the management Contact with the outside world by telephone and the telephone of the elevator maintenance unit. (When the above three methods cannot be reached, you can tap the elevator car door lightly and call for help loudly), and the elevator administrator or duty personnel of the property management department shall contact the outside world. Notify the professional and technical personnel of the elevator maintenance unit for rescue.

In order to prevent the car from suddenly starting and falling while waiting, it is best to squat or hold the handrail of the car. When professionals come to rescue, they should cooperate with their actions. The car has ventilation holes, which will not cause suffocation; the emergency lighting of the car can last for a period of time.

It is strictly forbidden to forcibly open the elevator car door or attempt to escape from the safety window on the top of the car (the safety window is only used by professionals for emergency rescue or maintenance) to prevent personal shearing or falling casualties.

What should passengers do when they find that the elevator is running abnormally (falling from overspeed)?

The probability of the failure of the elevator falling at overspeed is extremely low. First of all, the safety factor of the elevator wire rope is at least 12 times. Usually passenger elevators use more than four wire ropes, which is equivalent to increasing the safety by 4 times. In reality, the possibility of all wire ropes breaking at the same time in the same elevator is almost zero. As a special equipment, elevators are subject to mandatory maintenance every 15 days. When maintenance finds that the nominal diameter of the elevator wire rope is worn more than 10%, or one of the wire ropes has broken strands, the wire rope must be replaced immediately.

Secondly, in addition to the wire rope, there are many safety interlock protection devices to prevent falling. For example, the speed limiter and the upward overspeed protection device can prevent the elevator from overspeeding when running up and down, such as the elevator can make an emergency stop immediately when the elevator is overspeeding; and the safety gear can lock the car on the guide rail when the elevator is out of control and overspeeding; The shock absorber in the pit can reduce the shock received by the passengers during squatting and topping. Therefore, there is basically no fatal danger in the elevator falling at overspeed.

If the elevator suddenly falls over the speed during the operation, the passengers should lift their heels, use their whole body weight to support their toes, squat down, and hold the car with their hands, or hold their heads to prevent the car from rushing to the top or squatting to the bottom. casualties occurred. If there is cargo in the sedan, the cargo should be stabilized to prevent it from falling and hurting people.

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