What are the safety functions of villa elevators

Abstract:The villa elevator is a home elevator. It is an elevato […]

The villa elevator is a home elevator. It is an elevator installed in a private residence and only used by a single family member. Many villa owners still don’t know much about some functions when purchasing villa elevators. Due to the application of microcomputer automation control technology in elevators, the various functions of villa elevators nowadays have their own magical powers. However, the more functions The more it suits you, the best. Multi-function means paying more. The technicians of Zhejiang Aoma Elevator Co., Ltd list here some safety functions that are indispensable to villa elevators:

1. Overload protection function. When the occupant exceeds the rated load, the running command is invalid, and an alarm is issued.
2. The rope break protection function. When the wire rope breaks, the elevator must automatically stop running immediately and lock the car at the same time.
3. Uplink limit protection function. When the elevator moves up to the leveling position on the highest floor, it continues to run, and should have an emergency stop function when the maximum stroke design value is exceeded.
The above three functions are the same as public elevators, they are all necessary functions of villa elevators. There is another function that ordinary public elevators do not have: the self-rescue function after power failure. Everyone knows that in civil residential areas, if the circuit trips or the power supply department repairs the nearby circuit failure and the switch breaks out or the power fails, then the elevator needs to have the function of automatically descending without power supply. This function is called the self-rescue function after power failure.

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