What are the factors that affect the price of home elevators?

Abstract:With the continuous improvement of people's living stan […]

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the gradual development of technology, home elevators are becoming more and more popular among modern people. With the continuous improvement of economic income and consumption power, people with multi-storey houses and households are also Increasing.
In order to make it easier for your family to go up and down the stairs, install a home elevator in your home, which not only solves the inconvenience of going up and down the stairs for your family, but also allows you to feel the beautiful effect, which is set off with the home building and the surrounding environment. Provides a beautiful landscape for home use, makes you feel comfortable, and your life becomes simpler and happier.
So what are the factors that affect the price of home elevators?
What are the factors that affect the price of home elevators?
1. Number of home elevator landings: Generally speaking, the more home elevator landings, the higher the price of elevators. Under the same brand and configuration conditions, the price of a four-story home elevator is higher than that of a three-story home elevator.

2. Household elevator size: the same brand size, load capacity, lifting height, etc. are different, the price is also a certain gap. The smaller the elevator, the more difficult it is to install, and the higher the technical requirements for installation.

3. Brands of home elevators: different brands of elevators have different prices. The price gap between imported elevator brands and domestic elevator brands is very large. For the same brand of elevators, you can choose different configurations, different functions, and prices. The gap is also huge.

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4. Home elevator drive mode: At present, home elevators are mainly traction type, hydraulic type and screw type home elevators with three different drive modes. Therefore, the drive mode is different, and the price of the elevator is also different.

5. Functional configuration of home elevators: differences in different materials, craftsmanship, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of parts, and sense of quality.

In addition to the above factors, we should also have a clearer understanding of the elevator installation and after-sales service information. If there is an exhibition hall in a local city or a nearby city, it is best to go to the exhibition hall to experience the company's strength, and at the same time You can also feel the workmanship and material of the elevator, as well as the comfort, as well as the service attitude of the staff, etc.

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