Routine maintenance of elevators


    Routine maintenance work refers to the work carried […]

    Routine maintenance work refers to the work carried out by elevator maintenance personnel every time (usually half a month) to maintain the elevator, including the following points: Contact the elevator management personnel, get the elevator key to check the elevator status; hang up the elevator maintenance work sign; Check the doors, windows, lighting and environment of the machine room and lubrication room, check the running condition of the traction machine, the encoder, the brake pin parts and brake clearance, and the manual emergency operating device; check the speed limiter pin parts, electrical switches; Check the car top environment, guide shoe oil cup, guardrail fixation, car top inspection switch, emergency stop switch; Check shaft lighting, counterweight device; Check car lighting, fan, emergency lighting, maintenance, emergency stop switch, alarm device , display and command buttons in the car; check the running status of the car door, the safety device of the car door (safety touch panel, light curtain, photoelectric, etc.), and the electrical contacts of the car door lock; check the leveling accuracy of the car; check the landing call, Floor display; check the landing door sill, the automatic closing device of the landing door, the automatic reset of the door lock, the electrical contact of the door lock, the teeth and length of the original locking part; check the environment of the pit, the emergency stop switch; fill in the maintenance report and return the key , and obtain the signature of the management personnel.

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