Precautions for using escalators

Abstract:The escalator is actually a handrail that can move sync […]
The escalator is actually a handrail that can move synchronously, and can always walk in one direction, but in most cases, it can follow the flow of people or time, etc., and the management personnel need to control the direction of daily walking, and the other is actually. A means of transport similar to an escalator. The main difference between the two is that there are no steps on the moving sidewalks. Most of them just walk on the flat ground, or there may be a phenomenon of slight inclination. The escalator itself uses electricity as the main drive, which can The main feature of continuous continuous transportation of people is that it is particularly compact, which can bring safe and reliable effects during use, and is also very convenient for daily maintenance. In the process of daily use of escalators, we should also know that the main engine is to drive the overall work, so that each different part can enter the normal operation process, the railway guide rail system is also to control the steps. The movement trajectory between the two can effectively improve the running speed. The main function of the railing is to ensure that there is no safety problem during the running process, especially for the elderly or children, this is definitely the most advantageous. , which can effectively reduce the occurrence of security risks.

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