• Which drive method of home elevator is safe and reliable


    There are three common driving methods for home elevators, screw type, hydraulic type, and traction elevator. Many consumers will ask which driving mode is safe and reliable? In fact, considering the ...

  • Special design requirements for home elevators


    As a special type of elevator, home elevators have unique design requirements due to their use environment and purpose. (1) The hoistway occupies a small space. Since the home elevator is installed in...

  • How to choose a private customized small elevator with high safety performance?


    Nowadays, with the development of the small home elevator market, more and more imported and domestic home elevator brands emerge in endlessly. If you want to install a small home elevator that can me...

  • Which villa elevators driving method is better


    There are several driving methods for villa elevators, which driving method is better? How many ways are there to drive the villa elevator? There are three main drive modes for villa elevators, namely...

  • What are the precautions for using home elevators?


    No matter what kind of household elevators have some precautions during the use process, if you do not follow these matters, it is likely to cause damage to the elevator. What should you pay attention...

  • How to ensure the safety of home elevators during maintenance


    It is very necessary for home elevators to be maintained regularly during use, and it is necessary to ensure relevant safety during the maintenance process. So how should the safety of home elevators ...

  • How to clean stainless steel elevator doors


    There are generally two types of stainless steel elevator doors, one is glossy (like a mirror), and the other is brushed. For the smooth surface, it is recommended to clean it with a neutral multifunc...

  • Stair elevators add power to your life


    Stair elevators add power to your life There are various situations in our daily life that force us to install an elevator on our own stairs. With the rapid economic development of China, we are also ...

  • How much does it cost to install an elevator in an old building?


    How much does it cost to install an elevator in an old building? The old building is a collective memory of a generation, and it is also the bearing of a family's golden years. Everyone has old people...

  • How to decorate the villa home elevator


    Owners are very troubled when decorating the villa, especially for the decoration part of the home elevator. What is considered is whether the decoration of the elevator conforms to the style of the v...

  • Is it cost-effective to install a villa elevator at home?


    Is it cost-effective to install a villa elevator at home?A home elevator is an elevator installed in a private residence and only used by a single family member. It can also be installed in a building...

  • How much does it cost to install a home elevator


    How much does it cost to install a home elevator? The advent and popularity of home elevators represents the development of the times. Nowadays, elevators are no longer exclusively for commercial use....

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