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  • Outdoor Escalator application in life


    Outdoor escalator is made from multi-story steps that move up or down in pairs, similar to the way stairs work. They are often installed with an incline that mimics the slope of a staircase to help pa...

  • Simple science of Indoor Moving Walk Escalator Drive


    The drive system for escalators and moving walkways is one of the key elements in the overall reliability of the system. It must be able to ensure that the conveyor belt is turning at the same speed a...

  • Be careful when taking the shopping cart elevator


    It's always important for people to exercise caution when using any type of elevator, including those designed for shopping carts.Here are a few general tips to keep in mind when using shopping cart e...

  • What to pay attention to when riding shopping cart elevator


    When riding a shopping cart elevator, there are several things you should pay attention to for your safety:Weight limit: Check the weight limit indicated on the elevator. Ensure that you and your shop...

  • Advantages of a Panoramic Lift


    Panoramic lift is a type of elevator that has large glass walls or panels, allowing passengers to view the outside view while they ride up or down in the elevator. They are often used in skyscrapers a...

  • What Is an Outdoor Escalator?


    A fully-outdoor escalator is designed to be exposed to the elements including rain and snow. This type of escalator is usually made of stainless steel and is a popular choice for airports, shopping ma...

  • Panoramic Lift - A Jewel Embedded in a Stairwell Full of Light


    Panoramic elevators, also known as sightseeing lifts or scenic lifts, are a common sight in high-rise buildings because they offer passengers an amazing view of the surrounding area while traveling be...

  • The Benefits of a Panoramic Lift


    Panoramic lift, also known as sightseeing elevators or scenic lifts, are a type of elevator that allows passengers to see a view while traveling between floors. They are a great addition to commercial...

  • What Is a Sightseeing Lift?


    A sightseeing lift is a special type of elevator that allows passengers to enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding area. These elevators are often built in tall buildings, and they feature glass floo...

  • Features of an Indoor Escalator


    An escalator is a type of moving staircase that is used for transportation within a building. It typically has a series of steps with each step having a different height and width, and is operated by ...

  • The Use of Indoor Moving Walk Escalator


    Indoor moving walk escalator (moving sidewalk) is an excellent solution for transporting large volume of passengers in a busy shopping mall, airports, exhibition centers, transport change-over station...

  • How to Install a Freight Elevator


    If you’re looking to transport large or heavy objects, such as boxes, furniture, vehicles or other physical goods, you’ll want to look into installing a freight elevator in your business. These elevat...

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