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Abstract:Passenger elevator are commonly used equipment for carr […]

Passenger elevator are commonly used equipment for carrying people and objects in high-rise buildings. The safety of elevators is directly related to the personal safety of passengers. Correct and civilized riding is also an important factor to ensure the safe operation of elevators. The Municipal Safety Production Publicity and Education Center reminds citizens to pay attention to the following points when taking the elevator:

Before boarding the elevator, be careful of loose and dragging clothing (such as long skirts, dresses, etc.) to avoid being caught by floors and car doors and causing personal injury.

Do not take the elevator without the elevator safety inspection certificate or the certificate has expired (the certificate is usually posted in an obvious position in the car). Such elevators may be unsafe.

It is strictly forbidden to take the elevator under maintenance. At this time, the elevator is in an abnormal working state, and once it is taken, it is prone to safety accidents.

Do not let children take the elevator alone, because children generally do not understand the rules of elevator safety and lack the ability to deal with emergency situations in a timely and calm manner. Do not use a long string to lead children or pets on board. It should be pulled or hugged by hand to prevent the string from being caught by the floor and the car door and causing a safety accident.

It is strictly forbidden for people to take the sundries elevator. Because the sundries elevator can only be used to transport books, documents, food and other items, there are no safety measures for carrying people.

If passengers are suddenly trapped in a malfunctioning elevator, do not panic. They should follow the first aid instructions in the elevator, contact the elevator rescue center and machine room through the intercom system in time, and wait for professional rescue. If you can't get in touch, you can call 119 or 110 directly.

At the same time, because the person trapped in the elevator cannot confirm the location of the elevator, do not force the door, which will bring new dangers. There are safety windows on the top of the elevators. The safety windows are only used by elevator maintenance personnel. It is more dangerous to pry the safety windows on the elevator car. Climbing out of the elevator from here will be more dangerous. You can slam the door and shout, or take off your shoes and slam the door with your shoes to signal for help. If no one responds, wait calmly, observe the movement, maintain physical strength, wait for rescue, and do not keep shouting for rescue.

When the elevator car door is opened, pay attention to whether the elevator door has jitter and abnormal sound. Excessive jitter indicates that the elevator is not running smoothly. At the same time, you can walk into the car with heavier steps to observe whether the car is solid. When taking the elevator, if the speed is too large, and the car has serious bumps, instead of maintaining a constant speed, it is an abnormal phenomenon. When taking the elevator, pay attention to whether the buttons are flexibly controlled. If it is out of control, the risk factor will increase accordingly.

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