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Abstract:If you want to install a home elevator in your home, yo […]

If you want to install a home elevator in your home, you need to know which type to choose. At present, there are common traction elevators, screw elevators and hydraulic elevators in China. Here the screw car is mainly operated by the mutual movement between the nut and the screw. This, will look at the speed when running, because of structural limitations. The two-story triple-spiral elevator is light in weight and low in noise. If you live in a re-examination building, this kind of building is more suitable. The hydraulic type is basically used in factories and workshops. It has been widely used in these occasions. Therefore, when decorating, you must first clarify your own needs, and then limit the elevator that is suitable for your home.

In addition, when installing a home elevator, pay attention to the style and style, which also needs to be decided according to our actual situation. Then consider cost and difficulty. Because most people lack the professional knowledge of elevators, the safety of service personnel who are not specially used cannot be reduced. These are all things to pay attention to. I hope construction workers pay more attention, and of course pay attention to themselves. For other knowledge points, you can consult our online customers, where you can ask about any situation of domestic elevators, and users who need cooperation can also contact us. As a home elevator manufacturer, we can provide you with various services.

Secondly, there are some problems with the installation of home elevators. Preventive safety equipment, wear personal protective equipment, control and clean up the hazards that affect work; follow the correct construction steps, do not violate regulations, do not take risks, do not take chances, do not take luck. Colleagues should communicate and cooperate with each other, supervise and supervise each other. If any violation is found, it should be pointed out and corrected immediately to keep the workplace clean and orderly.

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