Emergency handling plan for elevator failure

Abstract:(1) People trapped in elevator In the event of an eleva […]

(1) People trapped in elevator
In the event of an elevator trapping accident, the elevator maintenance staff should deal with it as follows:
1. Pull off the main power of the elevator to prevent accidental startup of the elevator, but the car lighting must be kept.
2. Determine the position of the elevator car.
3. When the elevator stops in the range of about ±60cm from a certain leveling position, the maintenance personnel can use the dedicated hall door mechanical key to open the hall door outside the leveling hall door, and open the car door by hand, and then assist the passengers Evacuate the car safely.
4. When the elevator does not stop at the above position, you must use mechanical methods to move the car and save people. The steps are as follows:
(1) The car door should be kept closed. If the car door has been opened, the passenger should be asked to close the car door manually. Use the intercom phone in the elevator to notify the passenger that the car will move and ask the passenger to wait for the car Chaos
(2) Install a turning device on the tail of the traction motor shaft;
(3) Two people hold the turning device to prevent the elevator from moving accidentally or too fast when the brake is mechanically loosened, and then the other person uses a mechanical method to loosen and tighten the brake. When the brake is released, the other two twist strongly Pan leveling device to make the car move in the correct direction;
(4) Move the car intermittently and slowly to the level ±15cm in the correct direction;
(5) Return the holding brake to normal, and then mechanically open the car outside the corresponding car door of the hall door, and assist the passengers to evacuate the car.
5. When an abnormal situation is found according to the above methods and steps, the rescue should be stopped immediately and the elevator maintenance company should be notified in time to deal with it.
6. A written report to the manager of the property management department afterwards.

(2) Flooding accident
1. The elevator maintenance staff should immediately notify the property management department when they find or report that a flooding accident will endanger the elevator operation, and the on-duty security guard will notify the guests to leave the affected elevator from the nearest floor through the car intercom;
2. The elevator maintenance worker raises the affected elevator car to the highest point and shuts down the elevator;
3. Block the elevator entrance on the flooded floor and immerse into the elevator shaft with waterproof;
4. Immediately report the situation to the company director and the elevator maintenance company.
(3) Elevator abnormality found during inspection
1. Elevator maintenance personnel found abnormal operation of the elevator during the inspection, such as burrs, broken strands, abnormal noise and odor in the control cabinet, abnormal lift of the car, etc., which would endanger the safe operation of the elevator, and the monitoring center should be notified immediately;
2. The personnel on duty in the monitoring center inform the guests to leave the faulty elevator from the nearest floor through the car intercom;
3. The elevator maintenance personnel shut down the malfunctioning elevator;
4. Immediately report the situation to the manager of the property management department and the elevator maintenance company.

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