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Zhejiang Aoma Elevator Co., Ltd. remind you: elevators […]

Zhejiang Aoma Elevator Co., Ltd. remind you: elevators are an indispensable high-energy-consuming equipment in today's high-rise buildings. Following several elevator accidents caused by elevator failures that caused heavy casualties, people began to pay great attention to elevator safety. Elevator safety issues need to be resolved urgently. Whether it is elevator manufacturers, maintenance companies or users, they will pay more attention to elevator safety. The elevator safety has been more powerfully guaranteed, and the people's awareness of the safety of elevators that they rely more and more on will be improved. Intensive attention has also caused more problems. In addition to the accident, people also discovered the true face of "high energy-consuming" special equipment-elevators consume large amounts of electricity.

According to investigations and studies, in ordinary residential communities, the daily power consumption of an elevator is between 30 and 60 degrees. The power consumption of elevators in hospitals and high-rise office buildings is higher, with daily power consumption reaching 60 to 80 degrees. Today, when the slogan of "Energy-saving, Low-Carbon, Green Life" has not weakened, the energy-saving problem of so-called high-energy-consuming equipment cannot be underestimated.

The elevator is composed of a passenger car, a counterweight and a traction system. The main power consumption of the elevator can be distributed as the elevator traction machine accounts for about 60%, the temperature control system of the machine room accounts for about 30%, and the internal lighting and electrical load of the elevator account for about 10%. Among them, the traction machine reacts and is in the state of generating electricity when the elevator is moving up under light load, down moving and braking. At this time, the excess electrical energy is consumed through the heat dissipation resistor, resulting in a waste of electrical energy, which has a greater impact on the temperature in the computer room. If the machine room does not have good ventilation and cooling measures, once the temperature exceeds 40℃, it will cause the electronic board to crash and the contactor contacts to burn out. Failure; long-term high-temperature operation of the elevator machine room can easily lead to circuit failures, such as the elevator doors suddenly failing to open, people trapped in the elevator, elevator buttons failing, and elevator power outages. The elevator energy feedback device is based on energy feedback technology.

Special energy-saving device for elevators. The electric energy feedback can be connected in parallel with the braking resistor, which can replace the heat dissipation resistor. The consumed electric energy is recovered, and the inverter is used to turn this part of the electric energy into the same phase, voltage and frequency as the power supply network. AC power and return it to the grid for use by other electrical equipment. This method not only filters the generated regenerative power, and feeds the standard-compliant electrical energy back to the grid for use by other electrical equipment, but also reduces the maximum heat source in the elevator machine room. , Which greatly reduces the temperature of the machine room while reducing the failure rate of the equipment in the machine room, and plays a role in escorting the normal operation of the elevator. According to calculations, this energy-saving method can save 20%-50% of the elevator energy, and the energy conversion can reach 97.5 After the elevator adopts energy-saving technology, it can not only save electricity and reduce electricity expenses, but also improve the operating efficiency of the elevator, enhance the braking ability, and make the elevator run more comfortable, and it can be improved by the modification of the heat dissipation resistance. The operating environment of the elevator reduces the operation of the temperature control system in the machine room, which can also greatly reduce the operating cost of the elevator.

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