Common household elevator size recommendations

Abstract:In recent years, villa elevators have become more and m […]

In recent years, villa elevators have become more and more popular, including platform type, car type, traction type, and screw type, which makes buyers dazzled. In line with the reserved size at home, only other common styles can be selected. So today, I will take you to understand, what are the dimensions of home elevators?

In almost a square space, 2 people can ride at the same time, and can bear the weight of 250KG. This size can be said to be the minimum reserved size in the traction elevator. For the family in the world, only one square space is needed to make the whole home look brand new.

When the reserved space reaches 1414*992mm, the use scenarios of the disabled can be considered. Under this size, it can accommodate the entry of a regular-sized wheelchair, and at the same time, through some convenient functions inside the home elevator, such as voice control, you can reach the desired floor contactlessly without pressing the elevator floor button. For families with limited mobility, this size is very cost-effective.

Have you ever thought about the maximum number of people a home elevator can take? As a villa elevator, its stability and comfort are much better than commercial elevators, just like the difference between domestic cars and taxis. While satisfying basic functions, home elevators also have some personalization, and humanization is considered in the products. For example, for Viadi home elevators, the maximum reserved size is 1514*1512mm, and it can take 5 people at the same time. The load capacity of the product has reached an astonishing 400KG, which meets the needs of three generations living together and traveling together. At the same time, some high-end leathers and a large smart touch screen are added to the product design, which has become the most beautiful scenery in the whole home.

At present, there are many types of home elevators on the market. When choosing, you must go to the store to try it yourself, and feel the running noise, smooth running, and after-sales maintenance problems under the same size. After the introduction of Yifan, I hope you can have a certain understanding of the size selection of home elevators.

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